Posted by: kerrywills | January 9, 2015

Spending My Time

I have found that as I have progressed in my career, my time and focus have shifted.  When I was first in the workforce my time looked like the following…

  • Doing Stuff – 60%
  • Listening – 20%
  • Driving/Following Up – 15%
  • Leading – 15%

And now I find my time is allocated something like the following

  • Listening – 50%
  • Leading – 20%
  • Driving/Following Up – 20%
  • Doing Stuff – 10%


It is a completely different shift to go from “doing stuff” to “listening” and “leading” since they require a very different set of skills. I am much better at doing than listening but have learned to pay attention since I can not lead, communicate or help drive work without first understanding what is going on. So I guess the point here is to recognize that the skills that make someone successful as a “do-er” are different than the ones needed to lead.



  1. I see that you are spending less time working now, and that’s a good thing. Those who spend 110% of their time working generally have quality issues.

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