Posted by: kerrywills | October 3, 2014

A Word from our Sponsors…

I am taking a break this week to do some shameless plugging for my Project Management materials and upcoming activities…

  • On October 16th I will be presenting my case study of Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Westchester, NY (Link)
  • My Webinars on Consulting Approach and the Kilimanjaro Case Study can also be found on the ITMPI library
  • My second book, Applying Guiding Principles of Effective Program Delivery has been out for a little over one year and focuses on HOW to manage programs using Consultative Skills
  • My first book, Essential Project Management Skills was published four years ago and is still very much relevant today as PMs need to have more entrepreneurial and consultative skills
  • I will be bringing back one of my favorite presentations, The PM Kung Fu Theater, via a webinar on 6/16/15 so be on the look out. It creatively ties our profession to the classic Kung Fu movies of the 1970s


Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled blogging


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