Posted by: kerrywills | August 29, 2014

The 5 Sources of Truth

Over the last twenty years I have used many tools to manage my work and programs and have evolved to the point where I only use five documents to manage my programs. I treat these as ‘living’ documents that are always up on my computer and constantly being updated…

  • Scope/Release – This is the master view of all scope items in the program aligned to projects and release dates
  • Critical Path – This is my program-level view of milestones and tracking towards them. This is informed by a more detailed plan
  • Financial – The aggregate view of financials (actuals and forecast) by project and cost type
  • Issues/Risks – My running list of worry items, risks and issues with the audit trail of progress and specific actions with dates to close
  • Notes – I process all e-mails and documents through OneNote which allows me to organize all program information in one place
The 5 Pillars of Managing Program Info

The 5 Pillars of Managing Program Info

I find that by using these five items I always have everything that I need in front of me as opposed to trying to hunt down meeting minutes, documents or content. Obviously there are many documents that support these but I find this the most efficient way to manage program information. I know that every PM has a different style so I am curious what tools others use to manage their programs.


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