Posted by: kerrywills | August 15, 2014

Proper Landscaping

I run my lawn the same way that I run my programs; with structure, attention and monitoring. There are so many comparisons that I could make as to the similarities in approach. Here are just a few that I can think of…

  • Diligence – Make sure that the grass gets the proper amount of mowing, water, sun and fertilizer. Too much of these can harm the lawn and too little can also cause damage
  • Attention to problems – It is good to get weeds when they are small before grow big as well as take care of bugs. On your lawn (as well as your projects) if you don’t take care of these early, they will ultimately cause you big problems
  • Pace yourself – lawns take a long time to mature and grow healthy so you need to pace yourself for the long haul
  • Proper tracking – like any project, tracking the lawn progress is important to measure success. This can be the color of the grass, how full it is or the lack of weeds


Keeping the right amount of diligence, attention to problems, pace and tracking are the keys to a successful lawn and a successful program. Maybe I should start hiring PMs based on the quality of their lawns because I would be able to see firsthand how they manage projects….


  1. Do you print on green-bar line printer paper, to match your lawn?

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