Posted by: kerrywills | August 8, 2014

Use the Picture on the Box

I am a big believer in setting context. This is very important during projects because there are usually so many activities, risks, issues and decisions in flight that a Project Manager needs to ensure that the proper context is set. For example…

  • During an issue, explain what the issue is in relation to and what would happen if not addressed – as opposed to just focusing on the issue
  • When providing status make sure to explain what the items under discussion relate to within the scope of the program
  • When asking for a decision to be made, explain what it relates to and why it needs to be made
Much easier with the picture

Much easier with the picture

I see many examples where context is not provided and I think of this like working on a puzzle. If you dump out all of the pieces and start working on it without using the picture on the box, it becomes very difficult to sort it all out. So lets make sure that we use the picture on the box to set the context for our activity, otherwise we may have all of the pieces but they will not come together easily.

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