Posted by: kerrywills | August 1, 2014

Finding Balance

I truly believe that work has gotten exponentially harder over the last twenty years for several reasons…

  • Business models and organizations are becoming more complex
  • Technology is more complex
  • Consumers are more demanding so solutions need to be more personalized (which adds complexity)
  • Companies are taking bigger bets and programs are getting bigger
  • Companies are trying to reduce costs and therefore do more with less


For all of these reasons the work day is longer and harder than ever before. But we need to figure out how to not spend 24 hours per day in the office. I have a family and interests outside of work (let alone the need for mowing the grass, paying bills, attending kid activities and sleeping every now and then). When I am at work I worry about the items at home piling up and when I am home I worry about the work items piling up. So the key to staying on top of work and keeping sane is having a good balance between them all. Here are some techniques that I use for (trying to) maintain balance…

  • Wake up early to catch up on work before I go into the office – I do this when the family is sleeping so it doesnt cut into their time
  • Take calls in the car to optimize travel time
  • Work from home in the late afternoons or occasional Friday to be there with the family and maybe even get some errands done between meetings
  • Prioritize family time and block off for no meetings
  • Ensure that I get some mental breaks with my hobbies – this usually entails taking off time to go hiking – but still keeping my Blackberry so I stay on top of work

I am sure there are other techniques that people use but the key is to figure out how to be successful at work and life and not let work take over everything…but still meet our commitments.

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