Posted by: kerrywills | July 25, 2014

Helping the team play better

I like watching sports and sometimes I get excited and yell at the players on TV. My wife always asks me if I think that they can hear me or if I am actually helping them to play better. This metaphor is similar on projects, especially in large corporations. I find that there are several ‘spectators’ yelling at the people ‘playing the game’ on the project but not many actually contribute to the teams playing better. These are all of the areas that capture status and people who attend meetings and ask questions which they won’t do anything with the information.

In fact, to keep the metaphor going, some of these organizations can be considered throwing debris on the field to block players from playing. These organizations have processes, forms and policies which add to the workload of ‘the players’ and don’t always help them to perform better.

Sports fan shaking fists yelling at TV in living room

I know a lot of these organizations have good reasons for their processes but we need to be conscious of the game. Projects are not like sports where you can have 10 people playing and 30,000 people watching and yelling. The only way to succeed is to have everyone in the game contributing to their team.


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