Posted by: kerrywills | July 18, 2014

Interim Review Time

Well it’s the middle of the year and that means time for mid-point reviews.  It’s always interesting to see what people write in their self assessments for accomplishments as compared to what others say when asked to provide feedback. Here are some thoughts I have on interim reviews…

  • Provide facts to substantiate impacts, size of work, and benefits
  • Align points to objectives to demonstrate how they were met
  • Be fair with your words as to not look too pretentious, but not to undersell yourself either
  • Be honest about those areas you need to develop

The gift of feedback

The importance of interim reviews is in the conversation around how you are trending for the year to allow time to remediate or change focus, if necessary.  Therefore make sure you force your manager to take the time to have the conversation and provide feedback about how you are doing, what you need to work on, and how to help you progress in your career. As a manager it is important to use this time to manage expectations of your employees by showing them areas to improve and let them know how they are trending. This avoids surprises at the end of the year.

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