Posted by: kerrywills | July 4, 2014

Spartan Up!

This last week I competed in my first Spartan Race which was a 4.5 mile obstacle course with 20 obstacles that included ascending walls, rope climbing, spear throwing, sandbag carries, tire flips and barbed wire. I have to say that even though I had been training for 6 months, it was the physically hardest thing that I have ever done in one day.


This race was a perfect metaphor for projects in that most projects spend a lot of time planning but when it comes to execution, there are always obstacles that get in the way which need to be overcome somehow.


The best way to overcome the obstacles is to work as a team and help each other. In the race, people were helping each other over the walls or verbally encouraging each other to keep pushing on, which really did help. This is critical on our projects as well to make sure that we realize that our mutual objective is to finish the project (race) and therefore we need to support each other to do it successfully. In the end we finished the race and earned our medals and the feeling was fantastic.




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