Posted by: kerrywills | May 30, 2014

Classic Workplace Moves: The Metaphor Guy

Yet another Classic Workplace Move is “the metaphor guy” who interjects metaphors into nearly every conversation that you have with them. They use such classics as…

  • “It’s bigger than a breadbox”
  • “Were are at the Gnats eyelash level of detail”
  • “It’s like Herding cats” (not to be confused with hurting cats)
  • “Get our ducks in a row”
  • “Going from soup to nuts”
  • “Like a bull in a china shop”
  • “Putting lipstick on a pig”


To mix things up I think it would be fun to introduce metaphors that don’t make any sense just to see if people are following. For the most part, I suspect they will think that it is just something that they don’t understand and that I somehow know something that they don’t. Maybe I will add in some which sound like the ones above…

  • “Bigger than a matchbox”
  • “We should get to the level of detail of a horse’s acne”
  • “Its like rounding up lemurs”
  • “We need to get our geese into the lunch line”
  • “It would be like going from a cow to jerky”
  • “That would be like a pig in a nail salon”
  • “Putting eye shadow on a lizard”

So I appeal to you, metaphor guy, to keep them coming and keep them relevant and interesting.

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