Posted by: kerrywills | May 16, 2014

Digitally Remastered OCD

Next up in the “embracing my OCD” series I will talk about my evolving documentation strategy. I used to keep all of my information and notes in one binder (see link) but found that the maintenance of this was high. I was constantly printing pages and rewriting notes. On one hand this helped me to remember information by rewriting it but it was getting very time consuming, not to mention my binder was getting very heavy to carry around. After a visit to a Microsoft Innovation Center, I decided to try out “OneNote.” I had given this a test a few years back and thought it was ok but wasnt ready to commit.

I decided to give it another try and move some of my notes into it. I like several things about OneNote…

  • You can transcribe as meetings go along
  • You can insert other Microsoft objects (tables, pictures, powerpoint, email, etc)
  • I don’t have to rewrite entire pages so much as make quick updates to the notes
  • You can share notebooks with other people



I have found that I actually keep more information and have it better organized with OneNote instead of trying to find salient points and constantly flipping through notebook pages. One drawback, though, is that I struggle with using it during meetings. I don’t want to have my face planted in a laptop screen while having one on ones or in key meetings so I havent quite figured out the mechanics of how to do this.

I am proud to say that the binder has now been fully retired and I am completely digital in my neuroses and obsessions; and it feels great!


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