Posted by: kerrywills | April 11, 2014

Be a master chess player

In order to be good at Project Management we must be like master chess players and always think several moves ahead. It is not enough to manage the plan day to day as we must be looking ahead to ensure that upcoming activities will run smoothly…

  • What meetings are needed to drive decisions, approvals or reviews?
  • What steps are dependent predecessors that must be completed?
  • What resources are needed to be lined up in advance?
  • What communications are needed or messages that need to be socialized before key decisions?
  • What risks and issues are on the horizon that need to get attention?

The only way to win is to think several steps ahead

So it is important that we always spend time looking ahead to ensure that future activities have high probabilities of success and any issues cropping up can be addressed early. This is how great chess players work; they always think several moves ahead before making their current moves. If we just focus on the issues of the day or the current activities then we may run into problems as other activities come up that haven’t been thought through, causing more issues and resulting in a cycle of constantly chasing problems.

Maybe I should get one of those clock timers that you hit during a chess match so every time we hit a milestone I can hit the clock.

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