Posted by: kerrywills | March 28, 2014

You can’t teach neurotic

In Basketball there is a saying that “you can’t teach height” meaning that people are either tall or they are not and no amount of teaching can improve that. I believe in a similar saying for Project Managers in that “you can’t teach neurotic.” PMs are either neurotic and obsessed over dates, milestones and progress or they are not and I believe that we are born this way. Therefore, I usually look for signs of OCD or neuroses when I interview people because I know that these are the people who will drive for closure, never stop thinking about how to meet commitments and focus on removing obstacles.


I believe that it is much easier to teach someone about a particular industry, tool or technology than it is to teach them how to be a good worrier and planner. Therefore, I recruit PMs assuming they know the PM fundamentals but look more for the personality traits in my interviewing. If they have business or technical acumen, then that is ‘gravy’ unless the role we are interviewing for requires deep acumen in a particular are.

So, I say lets embrace our neuroses and drive our projects to closure!

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