Posted by: kerrywills | February 7, 2014

The Wooby Factor

Executives have a lot of responsibility and many times have hundreds or thousands of people working for them. Therefore, they often have trouble in ensuring that all of the work gets done, understanding the true status of activities and getting transparency into issues so they can be resolved. So, what I find is that they tend to leverage a small handful of people that they trust and who bring them comfort. I refer to these people as an Executive ‘Wooby’.

A ‘wooby’ is a security blanket that makes children feel safe (yes there is a real definition). In a corporate setting, these are people that an Executive trusts and is their ‘go to’ person for important activities. The wooby can be called on for many things…

  • Run an important project
  • Find out status on a particular issue
  • Follow up on oustanding items
  • Check in on resources


In most cases it is pretty clear who is the executive wooby. To get to this point, the person has to have built the trust over a long period of time by delivering on commitments, solving big problems or rescuing troubled work. So, the key is consistency in building confidence with that executive and you too can become someone’s Wooby


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