Posted by: kerrywills | September 6, 2013

Embracing My OCD: My Binder of Truth

I am creating a new series for my blogs to compliment my other series (classic workplace moves and workplace etiquette) entitled “embracing my OCD.” This is where I will dive into my obsessive compulsive behaviors and why I believe they make me a strong Project Manager. It would only be prudent to start this series with calling out my binder. I have a Levenger binder that I use to store all of my project documents. Here are some key attributes and ways that I use it…

  • The first page is a set of weekly follow-ups where I can put reminders and key actions by day
  • A tab for each Program with a page for each project
  • Each page has a chronological date and corresponding notes
  • A page for each person that I have a meeting with (sorted alphabetically, of course) with the key actions/discussion points
  • Sleeves to highlight key documents (schedules, program structure, solution diagrams, etc)
  • Folders for key information


Essentially, in every meeting I am in, I capture the key points and update actions for other people for when I have a conversation. This serves a few purposes..

  • The process of writing things down helps me to process the information
  • I capture the key actions so nothing gets lost
  • It helps me to focus (well somewhat)

So I don’t know how ‘normal’ people process information, track progress or document follow ups but it makes me nervous when I don’t see anyone else writing during key discussions. My binder comes with me everywhere and I have even considered declaring it on my taxes as a dependent.


  1. Just curious, why don’t you use digital device to record all the notes, AIs, and etc.

    • I do keep action items in digital format but I find that I absorb the information better when I write it down

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