Posted by: kerrywills | August 23, 2013

The Mayor

I have found at every company that I have worked at there is the one person who has been there for 30+ years and therefore knows every organization, process, key person and secret in the company. I call this person “the mayor” of the company since they pretty much unofficially run the place. It is very important to get in with them as they can be extremely helpful or make your life extremely difficult.


I find there are a few strategies which can be used…

  • Step 1 is figure out who is the mayor, which won’t take long to figure out – they will be the vocal one and the one that most people will say to go to for help
  • Build a relationship with them – this will not be easy as you will probably need more from them than they will from you so figure out ways to build credibility. This can include helping them with a project
  • Show them respect. These people are proud of their heritage and deserve to be respected

So the key to longevity with any company is to figure out who the mayor is, build a relationship with them, and then maybe some day you will be the mayor of the company.


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