Posted by: kerrywills | August 16, 2013

Climbing Mt. Washington

Last week my brother and I hiked to the top of Mt Washington which is the largest peak in the Northeast United States. While it is ‘only’ 6,300 feet it is a very difficult climb with steep ascents, lots of climbing over boulders and strong winds (over 70 MPH at the top the day we went). While we were climbing up and over the rocks I was thinking about the number of people who hike this mountain every year. I was thinking that, while most people get to the top, they all take different paths to get up here and each have probably transpired over different rocks, stepped in different spots and taken different trails.

This is very much like projects – they each take a unique journey to the goal and each Project Manager can take them on a different path. Some may be steeper, have more obstacles or even go off in the wrong direction. The key is having the experience to know when to go in a certain direction, make a course correction and how to address each obstacle.


We made it to the top because we were experienced hikers, had trained properly and overcame all of the obstacles in our way. We also made each step properly and took the right amount of time to reflect upon our direction and which path to take. This is a perfect metaphor for projects which also become successful based on each of the decisions made along the journey of the project as well as how obstacles are handled.



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