Posted by: kerrywills | August 9, 2013

Conference Call Announcing

Most of my day is filled with conference calls and the most stressful part for me is the introductions because it is a free-for-all of people trying to state their names and I never know when the right time to announce myself is. The way I see it, there are a few strategies…

  • When the facilitator ask who is on the line, you don’t want to immediately go first because that is when everyone will go
  • You could wait for a pause, but every time I do that I wind up speaking over other people
  • If you wait too long then the facilitator will start the meeting and then you lost your chance
  • You could not announce but then people may think you don’t view their meeting as important and didn’t show up


I don’t know what the right answer is but I think there should be some sort of guidelines. I also don’t like when people do the roster approach of reading off names, like I attending a 100 person graduation ceremony. Maybe the answer is not to worry about who is on but only to ask the relevant people when a specific topic comes up. What do others think…or rather “hello, who is reading this blog please announce yourselves….”



  1. Great topic that also causes at least the first few minutes of any meeting to find out ‘Who’s here’ rather than using that time on discussing the topic at hand. I have a few ideas that I try to enforce in my meetings to reduce the amount of time spent on this activity.

    1. Advise participants (even at the top of the invite description) to actually record your name before clicking the # button when dialing in. Even if your running late to start the meeting and many are on the call waiting you’ll be able to initiate the replay of each individuals name as they recorded it. Too many times i see people #’ing through this prompt when joining the call. Also, most people don’t enable the conference line replay option to automatically state each persons recorded name when they join – probably why no one cares to state it in the first place…

    2. This isn’t always possible but I try to start the call on or immediately before the actual start time of the meeting. This way, you can ask the “Who joined ?” as people start dialing in.

    3. This is more of an ongoing learning opportunity but what works best for me, especially if i’m a minute or two late is to immediate announce my name when i join. *Bing* followed by “Hi, Matt Bellace joined”

  2. […] Kerry Wills finds that conference calls can be stressful.  At least, the part about identifying himself. […]

  3. Hello, when I’m the organizer, I make sure that I request names with a “Hello, who has joined?” at each beep announcing a new comer. I recap who is there before we start the first key topic to ensure that I haven’t missed anyone. It seems to work fine. Michel.

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