Posted by: kerrywills | May 10, 2013

Travel Etiquette

Yes another posting in my workplace etiquette series. I am writing this posting as I sit in the airport so I figured it was appropriate to write one on travel etiquete. There are so many things to consider when traveling for work that I have put down some of my random thoughts and recommendations on the topic.


  • Do I sit next to the boss or co-workers on the flight? On one hand you can discuss work and make progress but on the other hand you may want some piece and quiet (granted you may also get the screaming kid next to you so I guess everything is relative)
  • Never check your bags as this will just add time to the trip – however use a dufle bag as those roller bags are horrible to find a spot for and then you become ‘that guy’ who is moving other people’s belongings and holding up the entire line entering the plane
  • Bring iron-free clothes to wear. The worst thing is getting to a hotel only to have to spend another hour ironing clothes
  • Sharing of rental cars is always fun especially when you become the designated driver – get a big enough car to fit everything but make sure there are other drivers so you dont have to be the chauffeur all week.
  • Take the earliest flight possible – having flights that originate in other places just increases the probability of missing a flight and hanging out in the airport
  • Understand preferences if traveling with co-workders. For exmaple some may not like the prior bullet which requires being up and out by 5am (no wonder no one wants to travel with me)

Have safe travels!

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