Posted by: kerrywills | March 22, 2013

Workplace Gym Etiquette

As a continuation of the workplace etiquette series, this posting will focus on etiquette at the corporate gym.  The good news is that having a gym at works means convenience to work out during the day and not leave the office grounds. The bad news is that this means you have to see your co-workers is spandex, Adidas shorts and headbands.


I think there should be different rules for a corporate gym as opposed to a regular gym. Here are some examples…

  • ‘Attire’ in locker rooms – I guess in some professional gym locker rooms walking around naked is accepted but it doesn’t feel right when your co-workers do it. And my favorite is when they start talking to you about work. There is no possible way I can carry on a professional conversation with someone in their ‘tighty whities.” NONE
  • The grunting when lifting weights is weird at a normal gym and just not right at the workplace gym. I dont need to know that Mark from Accounting is a grunter
  • I always like the one guy who doesn’t change from their work clothes and is on the stair master in khakis and a button up
  • Don’t sing the rap or hard rock songs too loud from your iPod as others can hear you and you will be forever known in the office as “the guy who sings the Rocky theme song…”

So I do believe that there are different rules at the workplace so we can keep up the sense of professionalism in the workplace and not have to think about who has the weird birthmark or Luke Skywalker tattoo when trying to discuss business.


  1. A great blog post, even with the lofty expectations I have of this blog. I live it every day 🙂

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