Posted by: kerrywills | March 1, 2013

Can PMs work from home?

Recently the new CEO of Yahoo gave a mandate that they would no longer support working from home because their culture of collaboration was not as effective as it could be. While I understand being flexible to employees, I fully agree with this concept especially for Project Managers.


Our roles require significant interaction and collaboration with team members and therefore I see several benefits that I see of being in the office…..

  • Face to face interactions are very important for building rapport, seeing reactions and fostering collaboration
  • Random interactions with team members while being in person enable sharing of information and building of a stronger team
  • Avoids the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality for people who are not always visible

I certainly believe in flexibility and leaving early or working from home once in a while seems to be fine, but generally it is better to be in the office. I also think that this is role-specific and Project Management is very hard to do without being with the team. What do others think?


  1. I agree however it could work but the whole team would have to be remote and video chat would be essential.

  2. I have managed projects remotely for the last 3 years. I think it is harder to build new relationships and get team members to attend (pay attention) and contribute. And there are technical challenges when live meeting and voice connections are poor or fail. We do make it work somehow, but it takes more time and effort, and adds risk to the project.

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  4. //Face to face interactions are very important for building rapport// very much true

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