Posted by: kerrywills | February 15, 2013

Leverage your colleagues

This may be hard to believe for some, but I don’t know everything. There are many instances at work where I am not sure what the best course of action is to take and where I need to get council from others. This is when it is very helpful to have a few trusted colleagues who I can discuss these items with. There are a few people who have opinions and thoughts which I value and I rely on them when I have difficult situations that require an additional opinion or I just need someone to validate my position.


On the other hand, there are several instances where my colleagues reach out to me for advice on how to handle certain situations. I find that having these types of relationships not only makes me more productive but also improves the working relationships that I have with my colleagues and peers.

It is important to find people that you trust and who have good judgment and then look to build the relationship into one where going to them for advice is natural and comfortable.

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