Posted by: kerrywills | February 1, 2013

Classic Workplace Moves: Holding on conference calls

My newest addition to the Classic Workplace Moves series will touch on the people who take other phone calls while on a conference call, thus putting everyone ‘on hold’ which plays the hold music.  This usually occurs on conference calls with 25 people or more and completely disrupts the entire call.

"You are listening to the soothing tunes of hold music"

“You are listening to the soothing tunes of hold music”

I usually see a few different techniques to handle this…

1.  Some conference call technologies allow people to ‘mute all lines’ so that the music goes away. This usually works but completely disrupts the call and the conversation.

2. Wait it out but it is hard to know when the perpetrator will come back on.

3. Pretend like it didn’t happen and use it as theme music for your call.  Think of it as an inspirational speech with background music.

I spend at least 75% of my time on conference calls and it always amazes me that given the number of calls we are on and the number of times this happens that people still haven’t figured out not to do this.

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