Posted by: kerrywills | January 25, 2013

Security Etiquette

As a continuation of the workplace etiquette series today we will discuss etiquette for dealing with company security.

The best place to start is with the ID badge. Usually these are company-issued ID cards that have worse looking pictures than your driver’s license and are your key into getting into work every day. There are several important aspects to have proper ID etiquette.

  • If you lose your ID you have to stand in the line of shame to prove you are who you say you are because the security guard who you say hi to every day for the last five years will swear they have no idea who you are if you lose your badge. You will need four forms of ID and a DNA sample to prove yourself to earn the ‘I lost my ID’ scarlet letter badge which you have to wear for the rest of the day in shame
  • If you see a co-worker in the line of shame it is your responsibility to make fun of them in every way
  • If your badge gets de-magnified (which mine seem to do once a month) you get to start the process all over again


Then there is checking out for the day. Beyond a certain time at night the policies change when you need to show proof of your laptop and need permission to leave the building. You have one of two options here (1) Show them the appropriate forms or (2) run like the wind because you know they won’t be able to stop you.  I always wonder if laptop thieves have a code of conduct where the only look to take laptops after 7pm which is the reason for this rule.

Well I hope you learned something today about the best ways to work with company security.


  1. On your etiquettte points:

    #1: Don’t be too hard on the guard, he/she is just doing their job.
    #2: Heartily agree.

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