Posted by: kerrywills | January 4, 2013

Workplace Cafeteria Etiquette

A continuation of the workplace etiquette series this masterpiece will cover workplace cafeteria etiquette. The workplace cafeteria is a magical place filled with special treats and overpriced meals. I have a few strategies that I use for my meals…

  • Know when the good stuff is there – some cafeterias have specials during the week so it is important to know them. For example, Mondays are buffalo chicken wrap (BCW) days so even though they cost around $8 they are well worth it
  • Get there early – on BCW day I plan my schedule to get there around 11:30 and avoid the long lines
  • Stay in the salad line – nothing worse than waiting in line only to have someone jump the line and cut in front of your place that you earned
  • Make a sandwich – I find it is cheaper to make the sandwich than to buy it pre-made
  • Pick the right checkout – just like when I drive I always seem to be in the slow lane, I always seem to pick the slow checkout person. And just like when I drive, if I switch to another lane that automatically becomes the slow one
  • Make friends with the cooks – knowing them by first name and building rapport can result in the occasional extra piece of bacon or cheese on your burger


Well hopefully my strategies for the cafeteria have provided you your daily dose of informational nourishment.

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