Posted by: kerrywills | December 14, 2012

I just remembered why I dont like traveling

I had to go to Denver for work this week. The good news is that I only travel two or threee times a year so it isn’t too bad but I do forget how annoying the traveling process is.

First I got to the ariport with all of my bags in tow and waited in line for the metal detectors. There were two options and of course I picked the one that initially looked faster but turned out to be slow because of people who forgot things, don’t understand instructions or are just generally confused. Then I get through that process and got to the terminal only to realize that I left my Blackberry in the car (which, for those who know me, know this is a life-and-death situation for me). So I went back through the airport and the process again. This time I took the other line…and as you can guess it was the slow one again.

Our plane was then two hours delayed due to fog and mechanical problems so we took off late. But the pilot assured us that he would “make up” time to which I was excited that we had Stephen Hawkins as our pilot…can they really just ‘make up’ time? Of course I had the seat against the window for this 4.5 hour flight and the guy in the middle immediately fell asleep and stayed that way the entire time. Needless to say that (1) this is the most I have sat without moving in years and (2) I didn’t know I could hold out going to the bathroom that long (I may have become slightly jaundiced during the flight).


We finally get to Denver and all I want to do is stand up to stretch because Sleeping Beauty finally woke up. Now I have to deal with people who wait until the ‘leaving line’ is at them to get their bags, put on their jackets, etc. They had plenty of time to do it when we landed but they chose to wait and hold us all up.

Just think, now I get to do it all over again on the way home.


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