Posted by: kerrywills | November 9, 2012

Professional Meeting Attender

I sometimes feel that all I do at work is attend meetings.  It got me to thinking about all of the types of meetings that I have to attend so I created a picture of the types of meetings which I attend…

1. Usually there is a “thing” that happens so a preparation meeting gets set up to talk about what to do with the thing. This is also the “meeting for the meeting” to create the agenda and prepare.

2. Then there is the meeting to review the stuff to prepare for the thing

3. Then there is the actual meeting about the thing

4. Since #3 usually has takeaways, more meetings are set up to review the follow ups. Sometimes this results in more things to discuss so start the process back at the beginning

5. Lastly the actions resulting from the thing need to be reviewed to make sure they fix the thing. Then there is sometimes a circle back to confirm that the thing is indeed addressed

So as you can see there is an entire chain of meetings for one thing and in any given week there are probably 5-10 things that are going on. Thus meetings all day long!


  1. It’s good to know that someone else understands what it’s like to be stuck in the perpetual meeting cycle. The diagram is great 🙂

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