Posted by: kerrywills | October 26, 2012

Next Project Management Book – A Consultative Approach

As many of you know I wrote a book a few years ago regarding the consultative skills required to effectively manage projects in the current business landscape. This book included many case studies which were good supplements to the key message. I am now working on my next book which will be the next natural evolution…which is taking a “consultative approach” to managing programs.

Whereas many books focus on specific program management techniques or tools, this one will focus more on the guiding principles of the consultative approach and how to apply them. The book will be organized into three sections…

  1. Identifying the background and case for a consultative approach
  2. Defining the eight key guiding principles of the consultative approach. This includes concepts like having “single sources of truth”, providing transparency and having an attention to detail.
  3. Applying these guiding principles to the different functions of managing programs (e.g. finance mgt, resource mgt, schedule mgt)

I have just started writing it and expect it to be ready by Q1 next year. Please reach out to me if you are interested in submitting a case study to supplement the key concepts as I am looking for contributors.


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