Posted by: kerrywills | October 12, 2012

Celebrate Successes

This last week I had the priveldge of attending a “CEO Champions Award” reception for a program that I ran earlier this year. It was hosted at the Waldorf Astoria in New York and included a crystal star for my office, a reception with the senior leaders of the company and a dinner ceremony after. It was a really special event (especially given the current economy) and it really made me appreciate working at a company that celebrates success.

It is so important to stop and reflect on accomplishments and successes yet we often forget to do this given the day-to-day activities that we focus on. Once we do have a success we usually start thinking of the next deliverable, milestone or project. Giving recognition can be a good motivator for team members who have put in significant effort and used as a way to continue to inspire team members to give their best.

Celebrate with the team

As project managers and leaders we need to make sure that we rcognize the importance of celebrating successes and figure out how to do this. It doesnt have to be a big event in New York City. Sometimes a “thank you” e-mail can motivate a team member and let them know that their work has significance and is recognized. It is the people that make projects successful and therefore recognition needs to be another tool in our toolbox of managing projects and people.

So to that end, thank you to everyone who is subscribed to my blog.

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