Posted by: kerrywills | August 10, 2012

Make your opportunities

Having run a Leadership program and mentored many employees I get asked for career advice a bit (not than anyone should follow my shenanigans or advice but, surprisingly, they do ask). I usually give the same message, which is “make your opportunities.” This means being deliberate in your career and thinking about what you want to do and then acting upon that instead of waiting for someone else to make the decisions for you. Here are some considerations…

  • Consider what you want to do two roles ahead and then figure out way to set yourself up in next role. For example, if you want to run a large program two roles from now then think about what skills you will need to learn in your next role whether that be financial management or plan management
  • Consider places that provide the most opportunities. Opportunities are as much about being in the right place than anything else so look for organizations or programs that provide the most opportunities
  • Consider learning as much as possible about the company, business and technologies where you work. The more you know the more important you become to the company
  • Build and foster your professional network as big as possible which will provide many opportunities that you would not be aware of otherwise

These are just a few considerations but the theme is the same – take charge of your career and make your opportunities.

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