Posted by: kerrywills | July 27, 2012

Classic Workplace Moves: Conference Room Food

Yet another insight in my Classic Workplace Moves series. This one is about food that is left out after meetings. This is a jackpot for your workplace colleagues because it is free food (instead of paying $7 in the local cafeteria for one slice of pizza). There are usually two ways that this gets communicated:

1. An e-mail from the local admin; it is always fun to see the mad rush into the conference room after the “extra cake in conference room 401” message comes out. I also like the people who eat the cake after all the plates and forks are taken – it’s like one of those medieval restaraunts where you eat with your hands and use a notepad for a plate

2. You walk past it and see it left out; Problem with this is that you don’t really know how old the food is. Do you dare eat the doughnuts which are three days old and could be used as spare tires for your car? Hmmmm, how moldy is too moldy?


There is nothing more exciting than the prospect of free food so be on the lookout and you may even stake out your next binge if you time it right!

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