Posted by: kerrywills | July 13, 2012

Classic Workplace Moves: The Conference Call Breather

This is a continuation of my Classic Workplace Moves series. Pretty much every time I have a conference call with more than 10 people, there is always one person who is breathing heavy into the phone. It is hard to follow a conversation with the breathing, chewing and wheezing that this person is emitting. It causes me to try to understand the cause…

  • Are they a big Darth Vader fan?
  • Is the microphone actually IN their mouth?
  • Did they just come from a tough work out?
  • Are they trying to flirt with the rest of us?

I think heaving breathing on a call is like having bad breath where everyone else notices it except for the person who is the cause.

As I see it there are really only two options (1) Ignore them and try to talk over it or (2) Say something. I have to believe that many people use #2 but then I would expect this trend to stop as people become aware but it never does.

Now lets just hope I am not the heavy breather myself and no one has told me…

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