Posted by: kerrywills | June 15, 2012

Look for multipliers

In my experience I find that that there are essentially three types of employees when considering productivity on teams. Each of them has a multiplier to them (m)

  1. m=1. People just who their job and require little supervision. These are solid employees who neither detract from others nor improve the people around them significantly. This is probably the majority of employees
  2. m<1. People who seem to take others down with them. These are people who are incompetent, struggling, negative or toxic and who require additional focus from management, co-workers to pick up their slack or rework. Therefore they are a negative multiplier because they make people around them less productive
  3. m>1 People who make others around them better. These are people who organize work for others, lead others and find efficiencies in work thus making everyone around them more productive

In our projects we need to recognize the types of people on our teams and then look to structure our programs properly – we need the first kind of people to do their jobs well, look to eliminate the low multipliers and then build the key team roles around the high multipliers.We should also be constantly striving to be multipliers ourselves to ensure that our teams have maximized productivity.

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