Posted by: kerrywills | June 1, 2012

Characters in Meetings

At every company I work for and every project I work on there always seems to be the same types of characters in meetings. Like I do with everything, I have organized them into categories below…

  • The Interjector (also known as the Disruptor): This is the person who constantly interjects during meetings with irrelevant comments or specifics which should be taken offline
  • The Repeater: This is the person who just repeats what the last person said; they may or may not change the words slightly but certainly do not add insight to the session
  • The Arguer: This person just likes to debate and argue for the sake of it
  • The Overtalker: This person will keep talking even when others try to chime in
  • The Facemaker: This person is constantly making faces when others are talking and they don’t agree
  • The Random Picture Guy: This is the person who uses to white board to draw abstractions that do not mean anything to the conversation
  • The “I Cant Follow Along” Person: These are the people who clearly are either not prepared or not mentally capable of handling the conversation and need to constantly ask to repeat items or slow down
  • The Impatient Person: The person who cant stand sidebars and irrelevant discussions (me!)

“I have a question”, “let me draw a picture”, “so what you said was…”, “slow down”, “Huh?”

Yes there are a lot of characters in meetings and unfortunately as PMs we need to facilitate them to come to a positive outcome.


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