Posted by: kerrywills | April 27, 2012

Classic Workplace Moves: The Phone Earpiece Guy

Building upon my “Classic Workplace Moves” series I was reminded of yet another classic this week when someone was talking to me and had their phone earpiece in their ear. I didn’t think they were on a call so I though it was weird to have it in their ear.

As usual instead of paying attention to what they were saying I was thinking about all the questions I had…

  • Did he forget to take it out?
  • How long has it been in his ear?
  • Is he waiting for a call or is this in there at all times to be ready when the time comes?
  • How many phone calls does he take a day which would warrant having this in all day?
  • Did he have childhood fantasies of being an FBI agent with the earpiece?
  • Were they a Star Trek junkie and a fan of Lt. Uhuru?

"Yes Captain, I am ready and waiting..."

I guess I could understand if someone was driving and needed their hands free, but not sure you need to be “hands free” during the work day. Do other people do this and have any thoughts as to why it would be a good idea?


  1. Interesting perspective… 🙂

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