Posted by: kerrywills | April 6, 2012

Decisions and Consequences

I believe there are two areas that are essential to project success. They are..

1. Making Decisions – This means making timely decisions based on facts. Many projects spin on issues and discussions and don’t make timely decisions. While decisions have to be based on facts, there is a balance to making them timely with available information

2. Understanding consquences of the decisions. Every decision has a consqeuence on quality, scope, schedule, budget or resources so these need to be considered as part of the decision and then planned once the decisions have been made.

Think through them

Where I see projects fail is that they either are reluctant to make decisions or they do not consider the consequences. Projects who do not make decisions spin and ultimately miss their commitments. Projects who do not consider implications are doomed to get impacted by those implications.

So make sure that you are decisive, but informed.

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