Posted by: kerrywills | March 16, 2012

Master Inventories and Single Source of Truth

Projects have massive amounts of information stored on shared drives. This usually makes it hard to find anything because there are usually hundreds of folders and they arent always organized into a logical fashion.

I am a big believer in having single documents as sources of truth for projects. These are documents which store fundamental information and are kept up to date.  These can include…

  • Vendor contracts and information
  • Team roster
  • Action items
  • List of projects and subprojects
  • Capabilities/requirements
  • Infrastructure items
  • Project expenses

"I think I know where my project information is"

The point is, instead of having to sort through many places and disparate information, keep it in one place and keep it updated. It sounds simple yet it is rarely done. So the next time you are on a project ask yourself if you needed to find something in the bulleted list above, could you easily do it in one place.

By the way, I am hoping that my blog is your single source of truth for Project Management information.


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