Posted by: kerrywills | March 9, 2012

Successful Project Managers

There are many Project Managers in the workforce – take the over one million people ‘certified’ as PMs through the Project Management Institute. Yet, in my experience, there are not that many successful Project Managers. Most projects run late, don’t meet expectations, run over budget or fall apart altogether. So this leads to the question of “what makes a successful project manager?”

There are so many books, courses and programs set up to teach people the techniques of project management (e.g. how to create a plan, how to do risk management, etc). In my opinion it is not the techniques that makes a good PM so much as their core skills. For example, people who are organized and can stay on top of things are much better PMs than unorganized people regardless of who has the better risk log. I also find people with good consultative and “soft” skills do much better than people who just throw out demands and yell at others.

This is what led me to write a book a few years ago – I saw plenty of materials on techniques but very few on the actual skills needed to be a successful project manager. The book dives into which skills are needed, has case studies demonstrating the skills and then suggests ways to build those skills.



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