Posted by: kerrywills | February 17, 2012

Classic Workplace Moves: Read Receipts

Let me start by saying I don’t like “read receipts” on e-mail messages. To me, that function suggests that the person sending it doesn’t trust that I will read their message (let alone respond). Those that know me know that I respond to every request (usually within 2 minutes of being sent).

Turn it off

It just seems like bad form to me to have this option turned on. I remember one incident where someone called me out for deleting their message when in reality I had read it on the reading pane (not actually opening the message which would have triggered the response) and then deleted it.

I think it is fair to send a message and if you don’t get a timely response to follow up, but don’t start with “I am tracking you” via a read receipt.¬† Just my two cents..and by the way I am tracking who is reading this blog right now as you read this….


  1. Hi Kerry,

    Read receipts are probably the rudest thing anyone can do. I never email back read receipts.

  2. It’s not the rudest thing, but boy arent those annoying and signify that the person is a bureaucrat

  3. I have never understood why people think they need to request a read receipt. One of the benefits of email is that it is guaranteed delivery — but you can’t make the person on the other end actually read it though!

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