Posted by: kerrywills | February 3, 2012

Classic Workplace Moves: The “recall” message

I would say that on an average week I get at least one e-mail message that someone sends and the gets recalled which always intrigues me. I see two options…
1. Abide by their request to recall and do not read the original message
2. Read the message to see why it was so important to call attention to it and recall it

I usually go for #2 because I am interested to understand the reason for the recall. I could understand sending a message to the wrong people but usually it is content that forces people to recall their messages. On most occasions I can’t figure out why they recalled it which means it was probably better not to have brought the attention to it in the first place.

I would be interested to know if others have good “recall” stories or can justify the use of the feature. Now, if only I could “recall” drunk dialing voicemail messages left for other people. Now that would be a useful feature….


  1. For me it was a text, I was sitting in a very boring meeting, I had a week to go before the project wrapped up. I sent my husband a text complaining about the manager across from me acting in an unbelievably unprofessional manner …..well I thought I was sending it to my husband…..turned out I had sent it to the manager. When his phoned bleeped and he looked at it, I still didn’t twig what I had done. It wasn’t until he looked at me and said “unprofessional? Me?” I could do nothing except brazen it out, so I said “bet your glad I’m leaving next week?”
    I now always tripple check before I press send on a text.

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