Posted by: kerrywills | January 27, 2012

The League of Project Superheroes

Growing up I used to watch cartoons about superheroes who had super powers. One of my favorite cartoons was the “Justice League” which included such greats as Batman and Superman. To overcome adversity the Justice League usually had to combine their unique super powers (e.g. Superman flying and Acquaman moving under water and talking to fish).

Is this YOUR team?

I believe that Project Teams are like the Justice League in that they are made up of a team of people with unique super powers who need to work together to overcome their objectives. Here are some of their super powers…

  • Project Managers – the ability to organize information and present it in a way that informs about progress
  • Business Analysts – the ability to take a bunch of information and turn it into system requirements
  • Architects – the ability to visualize and articulate solutions to business problems
  • Testers – the ability to find problems

As PMs we must use our super power of organization to make sure that we leverage the powers of our team members to achieve the common goals. Now if only we were allowed to make our teams wear capes, masks and spandex outfits then that would be truly “super.”



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