Posted by: kerrywills | December 16, 2011

Meeting MadLabs

I remember as a kid playing the game “MadLibs” where you would pick random words and put them into blank spaces to make funny sentences. One of my favorite corporate game to play is “Meeting MadLibs.” It makes those long boring calls go by so much quicker. Here is all you need to play…

  • Other players who are attending a meeting with you
  • The meeting needs to be a call so as to “challenge” the other players
  • Collaboration tool such as Sametime

Like MadLibs the rules are simple

  • Think of a random word
  • Challenge your friend to use that word in a sentence during the meeting
  • Stay on mute so as not to laugh when they do use it

"Figuring out how to deliver on this project is like Aqua Man swimming through the ocean..."

This game is fantastic for sprucing up those 2-3 hour meetings. I have been part of games where we have used such words as “Aqua Man” and “Monkey Bars.” It really does take a lot of creativity to work in these words into your talking points and make it seem natural.

Any questions? If not, your challenge is to use the word “pinafore” in your comments back.



  1. Taking you up on the challenge, Kerry … Project management is a bit like being captain of the Pinafore – get things done and never use a big big D …

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