Posted by: kerrywills | November 11, 2011

Pay Attention to Details

Let me first start off with an acknowledgement that I am obsessive. I know this, but it always amazes me the lack of quality that people put into their work. Many times I receive documents which have significant spelling mistakes, are not formatted well (or consistently), break several laws of the English language and are just plain sloppy. Maybe it is my consulting upbringing but I cannot read any content of a document before seeing the formatting first.

I believe that the quality of a document is a direct representation of a person’s professional reputation. It is hard for me to believe that people who consistently produce sloppy documents can be productive workers who have pride in their work.

Here are some suggestions to pay attention to the details of documents…
– Check for spelling mistakes
– Be consistent. It doesn’t matter if your bullets end in periods or not, but don’t have half with and half without
– Look for consistent formatting – this includes font, size, color, etc
– Have a peer review your work if it is an important document

The punchline – pay attention to the details and have pride in your work because weirdos like me are looking for it

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