Posted by: kerrywills | November 4, 2011

The Importance of Contingency Planning

I live in Connecticut and last week we got an unprecedented snowstorm which dumped heavy snow in the state. Problem was that all the trees still had their leaves on them so the snow attached to the leaves and we had hundreds of trees down, bringing down power with them (800 thousand people lost power).

This is a perfect example of why contingency planning is so important. As I write this blog I have been out of power, heat, frozen food and hot water for five days. Luckily I had some contingencies…

  • About ten flashlights
  • Dozens of extra batteries
  • Many candles and matches
  • Non perishable food we could eat or cook on the stove
  • A full tank of gas and extra gas for the snow blower
  • Homeowners insurance in case we had property damage from the storm
  • Board games for the kids to play

Contingency plans at their finest

But there are some contingencies that I wish I had implemented most notable having a backup generator.

On our projects we must also be constantly thinking about what could go wrong and make sure that we have thought through contingency plans for them. No project ever goes as planned and therefore we need to be deliberate and thoughtful around what could go wrong so we know what to do in case it happens (versus reacting at the time they happen). Make sure you have risk and contingency planning in your focus and revisit them on a regular basis to keep them updated.

As a result of contingency planning I am able to send you this blog and keep your weekly dose of shenanigans coming to you.

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