Posted by: kerrywills | September 2, 2011

Playing Calendar Battleship

As a kid I used to play the game Battleship where there is a grid and each player has to hide their ships. The other player then guesses a grid location to see if they hit or miss a ship.

I feel like I am still playing this game when I manage my calendar. My week is usually filled with meetings and because I can’t sit still for more than two straight meetings I usually block off time between them. Oftentimes I will get invites from other people during the week even though my calendar is completely blocked up (which they can see when scheduling the meetings).

Did you sink my Battleship or find free time on my calendar?

In essence people are trying to “hit my battleship” by picking a time on my calendar and hoping it is not a critical meeting that I can’t miss but rather one of these ‘buffer’ times. Now the onus is on me to either accept it (and ruin my rule of having no more than two straight meetings) or to tell them I can’t make it (thus reiterating the blocked off time that they see when they scheduled the meeting).

It’s rough waters out there when trying to manage a calendar.

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