Posted by: kerrywills | July 8, 2011

Nothing is simple

I have come to realize working in Information Technology that nothing is simple. Nothing.

  • Every change has problems
  • Every project is complicated
  • Every request is difficult
  • Every interaction requires follow up
  • Simple asks become big problems

The state of technology has become so complicated and inter-related that it has resulted in a complex web of technologies and processes to manage them…

  • Technical components span multiple layers and are shared by many applications
  • Infrastructure components span across many applications and have many twists and turns that most companies barely understand
  • The processes used to manage environments have become complex are require precision
  • The technology has become so complex that many people only focus on specific components and there are rarely individuals who understand all of them and how they relate

That is the state of the world today and as IT Project Managers we need to understand it and plan for it. Here are some ways:

  • Never estimate assuming everything will go as planned, because most things don’t
  • Plan at a granular level and track it at the same level to understand small changes which could lead to bigger issues
  • Use contingency! Most projects have cost contingency but schedule contingency is my favorite technique
  • Leverage the right resources who understand across the components

The world is complex and only getting more so. The good news is that means plenty of demand for good project managers. That bad news is that our jobs are getting harder and harder.


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