Posted by: kerrywills | May 13, 2011

Best Practices

I love best practices. I really love best practices. As a consultant I made my living off of best practices. Everyone you talk to at work knows what the best practices are (and many of the worst practices). Who wouldn’t love the “best” practices with what they do?

So, if everyone knows what the best practices are, then why don’t most people do them? Most organizations and teams don’t do their diligence, have glaring problems and seem out of control. This is why consulting companies make a fortune telling people what they already know (e.g. “looking at their watch to tell them what time it is”)

I wonder if best practices are kind of like New Year’s resolutions – I know I should eat better, exercise and stop being sarcastic all the time but I just can’t stop myself sometimes. Please post comments on your thoughts  (note that responding to blog postings is considered a best practice).


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