Posted by: kerrywills | April 22, 2011

How productive can they be?

I work in a large building so getting around between meetings requires a lot of walking. While I feel that I am always rushing to meetings, I noticed that many people move at a pretty slow pace (similar to window shopping at the mall with not a care in the world).

This always makes me wonder if they also work at that same pace that they move. I find it ironic that “everyone is swamped with work” when you talk to people yet I always see the same people casually moving from one place to another, sitting for lunch with a newspaper and the coffee line is always packed at all hours of the day.

Do you mosey around at work?

Maybe I am making false conclusions but it is just something I think about as I determine the best strategy to pass people in the hallway to get to my next meeting.



  1. hey Kerry – I can’t handle the chronic coffee or the newspaper reading either, but I have been known to do my share of moseying. I get some of my best pondering done while walking between meetings – it’s a bit of a “stop & smell the roses” approach. I won’t go so far as to say you are drawing false conclusions, but you can tell when people are avoiding their desks. At the same time, beyond the perception, I don’t care if somebody plays cards in the lunch room if their productivity is through the roof…it’s just very tough (if possible) to do. Makes you wonder – where are the managers of these people??

  2. When I was in Basic Training the drill sgts would make us run anywhere we went. They would always say move with a purpose. I still walk pretty fast because of this.

  3. Once I worked as a consultant on a project at a call center of a very large bank. There was a call center agent right across my office. She used to come in early afternoon. Once she start getting calls she spent considerable amount of time on each call and I could hear her very well. She just talk with the customer about every thing under the sun, customer’ vacation plans, what happened during vacation etc etc etc. I rarely heard much discussions about accounts etc. I thought to myself that if she continues in this manner she wouldn’t last that many days in the job.
    I mentioned this to a co-worker of mine who had worked in the same call center for many years. He laughed and said that she won the best call center agent award almost every year and she had the the best cross sell record of any agent worked in that call center. He also said that that is her style to talk with the customer and customers kept on buying from her. Many times she was given the opportunity to advance her career but she refused saying that she enjoyed being a call center agent. It was very surprising to me and a good lesson not to judge other people just by what they pretend to be doing.

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