Posted by: kerrywills | January 28, 2011

3 Steps for Successful Project Management

I find that after years of experience in Project Management, that I can break down my work into a 3 step process. I call it the “facilitate, harass and report” model. Essentially everything that we do boils down to one of these three categories.

1. Facilitate – First off, we facilitate information. This could be activities in a plan, estimates from the team, a list of outstanding decisions, actions that require attention, issues, etc. As PMs we are usually not the experts so we need to facilitate information from the team so we can help to organize it and drive it to completion.

2. Track and Harass – Once we have the information we then track it and harass people to provide information and complete the work. This could be managing the plan, assigning owners to actions, following up on issues, or managing risks.

3. Report – Lastly we report on the progress that we have made (see #2) for the outstanding items (see #1) .

While these three steps seem simple they require skills that take a long time to master including the refined skill of facilitation to get the right information by asking the right questions. It also requires the ability to organize the information and track it in a way to understand trending and progress. There is also skill in the presentment of information.


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