Posted by: kerrywills | November 12, 2010


As Project Managers we all get caught up in our problems – activities are outstanding, decisions need to get made, plans need to be updated, issues need to be addressed, risks need to be managed, etc. What we may forget in all of this is the importance of gratitude.

In today’s world it is more than likely that, as a project manager, you don’t have many direct reports. Therefore the resources on your team are probably working for someone else and have other priorities and possibly other PMs asking them to do work.

Just by saying “thank you” or recognizing someone who has helped the project out is an essential activity that should not be under-estimated. Just the other day I had told a team member how much I appreciated what they were doing. He told me that “no one had told him that in a long time” and seemed to be really motivated to work together. In the next week he had taken a task that was outstanding for three months and drove it to completion.

A little appreciation goes a long way

This is kind of like when I am driving my car to work. If I go out of my way to let someone come in front of me (because, obviously it is MY road and I decide who gets to cut in) all I want in return is the hand wave to acknowledge my deed of kindness. If I don’t get it I am annoyed for the entire car ride home and am less likely to let someone else in later. But when I get the wave I feel acknowledged and am motivated to continue my acts of kindness. This applies directly to work and people’s motivation to perform work for us (especially given the number of priorities that people have).

I will end this post with a “thank you” for those who take the time to read my blog. I may even just let you cut in front of me the next time I am driving.


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